Mopping the Floor
Don't get caught off-guard by 
slippery floors!
The best way to dry your

The UMOYA Wind Warrior unit aids in drying the floor with a continuous flow of air in 360 degrees and up to 15 feet in diameter. 


While drying the floor, the UMOYA Wind Warrior also warns pedestrians of a potential slip hazard using standard 36-inch floor cones. 

Why are you still struggling with wet floors?

The UMOYA Wind Warrior dries your floors in a fraction of the time




We understand that your company's reputation or image, quality, customer service and the safety of your Customers and Employees is a very important part of your business. 


Once they see the UMOYA Wind Warrior keeping your floors safer, cleaner and drier, it will be yet another reminder that your company goes out of its way to keep its patrons and employees safe.